BRRP Gate Charges (see below for acceptance criteria)
  1. Unsorted Mixed Earthquake Waste:
    $120.00 GST excl per tonne

BRRP Acceptance Criteria for Earthquake Waste

The Canterbury Earthquake (Resource Management Act—Burwood Resource Recovery Park) Order 2011, provides the following definition for earthquake waste that can be accepted at BRRP:

Earthquake waste

(a) means—

(i) solid waste resulting from the Canterbury earthquakes, including liquefaction silt; and

(ii) solid waste resulting from any construction work (within the meaning of section 6 of the Construction Contracts Act 2002) undertaken as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes (within the meaning of section 4 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011); but

(b) does not include any of the following unless it is not reasonably practicable to separate it from the waste specified in paragraph (a):

(i) general domestic refuse; or

(ii) human waste; or

(iii) building insulation and building materials containing asbestos; or

(iv) hazardous waste; or

(v) waste material from an industrial process or trade process

Prohibited Items

BRRP will not accept:

  • General domestic refuse (including foodstuffs, garden material and other organics, tyres, etc)
  • Human waste (including sludges and sewerage contaminated material)
  • Asbestos in any form, or any building insulation (all types including polystyrene, polythene and bats) and building material containing Asbestos
  • Bulk Liquids (including sludges with less than 20% solids)
  • Hazardous Waste (including medical, chemical, gas cylinders, batteries, pesticides, and material contaminated by hazardous products)
  • Materials that produce a potential nuisance odour

Information required by BRRP

  1. Head Contractor for demolition job must have an account with BRRP Ltd. Contact Lois Stevens – 03 3591800 /
    Manifest Books must be collected from Canterbury Waste Services at 28 Abros Pl, Burnside.
  2. Driver must present a BRRP Job Manifest Sheet authorised by the Job Supervisor and correct allocated Job Number for a BRRP approved and accredited contractor for the material passing over the weighbridge.

Canterbury Waste Services – 28 Abros Pl, Burnside